(adj) used to describe something or someone as plain, bland, or boring
Wow Susan, you never want to go out, you're so whole wheat.
by eastsidaz808 April 03, 2017
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A light punk band hailing from Flordia. Come off with a "gangsta" black streotype, but play solid punk. Their album is currently out and is titled "Minority Rules". Old Man Samson and Broke are two good songs of theirs.
Hey did you see the Whole Wheat Bread show with Streelight Manifesto
by HonkeyMaGee September 25, 2005
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Mexican or Latino people.
Mainly used in Northern California slang.

Originated from the Mexican/Latino field workers.
Guy 1 "All Whole wheat flours look the same."
Guy 2 "Damn dude, that is really racists!"
by j3d1 September 10, 2012
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A black person who acts white.
Did you hear Darryl listening to country he is such a whole wheat cracker.
by johnny17 January 18, 2014
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A partially white girl associated with cracker boys and chocolate chips
"You're such a cracker girl!"
"Nah, I'm a whole wheat cracker girl."
by kimhwe April 09, 2012
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