a phrase used when asking which side another person is taking. typically used in sports, but could also be used in arguments, etc.
who y’all got this superbowl? chiefs or niners?

i’m not associate with someone playing both sides. who y’all got?
by MajorBruhMoment February 02, 2020
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when someone asks who is going to ride the others genitalia (like a horse)
omg jessica, who’s gonna top brady or justin?!
by lmfao stop it get help April 04, 2018
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According to extensive research done by Abed Nadir in the show Community, Angela is the boss.
Who’s The Boss? Angela. Abed drove the professor crazy after proving that Angela was the boss.
by MamaRizRiz42069 February 19, 2021
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When you see a sick diesel truck go by you
Yo did you see that sick Powerstroke?!” “Who’s the bro?!?!”
by Will Daquan James August 09, 2018
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Meaning: is someone gonna grab me a beer? I need a beer now.
Im trying to drive this yacht. and btw who’s working that cooler?
by Michael Sturgis April 29, 2020
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