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Aye. Exactly.

But, after about five minutes of "research" on the internet, you find out that she is some teen singer from California who looks up to current teen pop idols like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

Currently, she only has viral status, but has extreme potential to skyrocket. Let's just hope she doesn't get screwed by the state of the music industry.
Have to say though that she is one of the most famous viral stars of all time. Her music video for 'Friday' on YouTube got like 100 million views in less than three months.

Has ONE song out as of right now called Friday. In its core, the song basically tells you what a Friday is. Not my cup of tea, but I guess it's something you can handle when stoned or if you're a 13 year old girl.
Guy 2: Smoke this first.

<they share a joint>

Guy 2: Now, brace yourself.

<opens YouTube and looks up 'Friday' by Rebecca Black>

"...It's Friday, Friday...Gotta get down on Friday..."

Guy 1: DUDE......this sucks. This is a bad trip.
by DirgeForNovember April 12, 2011
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