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Han Solo shot first.

Who shot first?" is a phrase used by Star Wars fans to refer to a controversial change made to a scene in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. In the original theatrical version of the film, Solo shoots Greedo under the table and Greedo dies without firing a shot. The scene was modified for the 1997 re-release to feature Han using his weapon in retaliation after Greedo fires at him; the latter rather implausibly missing Han at point-blank range (<2 meters away). Thus, the phrase "Who shot first?" is a retort to director George Lucas' explicit cinematographic assertion that "Greedo shot first.
Peter: I saw episode IV the other day, and I swear Greedo didn't shoot first in the original. Who shot first?

James (fanboy): Han Solo shot first.
by Lethan November 12, 2010
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A reference to the Star Wars controversy where it is debated that Greedo shot first before Han Solo. This is used in a way to define something that will become an arguement of what happened first.
Person 1: Actually no, i was just copying FPS Russia
Person 2: FPS Russia?
Person 1: Yes
Person 1: Look him up
Person 2: Never heard of it.
Person 1: Gilbert: On youtube
Person 1: It's a person
Person 2: Is it a rip-off of FPS Doug?
Person 1: No
Person 1: he copied his friend fps kyle
Person 2: Okay then...
Person 1: What?
Person 2: Not getting into an entire "who shot first" with FPS titled vids on youtube.
by tbclycan April 29, 2011
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