An exclamation hilighting the stupidity or lack of logic of a preceeding statement.
"I ate three cockroaches."
"What? Who does that?"
by M December 24, 2004
To highlight one's own magnificence, by exclaiming at the end of a statement of one's own actions.
I just changed the definition of the phrase 'who does that?' on Urban Dictionary...who does that?
by Office Idiot December 3, 2010
for one to exhibit extreme self-ownage. to be caught and or owned in a moment of weakness and or utter stupidity.
24 year old gangsta gangsta walks up to the bar and orders a diet and captain. Did you really just order a diet coke and rum? Who does that?

Many situations call for being "who does that" to be apart of the equation. It's up to us to point them out.
by The Guy of That Guy guys January 20, 2009
A game friends play behind an unknowing woman's back.

How to play:

Both men seduce the same woman within a relatively short time frame (preferably not on the same night - no one likes sloppy seconds). The act of copulation is performed by each man, with ejaculation occurring within the lucky woman's vagina. 9 months later, the friends determine who the baby looks like. Winner gets 18 years of financial and emotional distress.
Buddy 1: that girl is hot, and sources tell me she's good to go.
Buddy 2: wanna play Who Does It Look Like?
Buddy 1: you know i do!
Buddy 2: I hope it looks like you.
by Viktor II August 22, 2007
Nick Vanderbliek.
Who does ivy own?
Ivy owns Nick Vanderbliek!
by Ivyownsnick November 17, 2010