The only race that changes colors.
PersonA: You look a little red there child.
PersonB: Damn white people always changing colors when they're sick or hot.
by Rofl Copter February 20, 2007
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A human being with a white skin color
Black racist: "god I hate white people"
White guy: "and why is that? because some dumbass insulted you? because other whites did some shitty stuff? i'm sorry but black people have done shitty stuff as well, so have asians, hispanics, etc. The problem isn't white people, the problem is us, humanity, we are a group of stupid, shitty, greedy, rats that are slowly killing ourselves and destroying the planet, while some people like you are too fucking concerned insulting a group of people because they're some how responsible for pieces of shit that have the same skin color"
by DXfactor March 18, 2017
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The race that steals from other races since the beginning of time. It all started when they stole the Native Americans land. Today they usually just steal cultural trends and claim it's theirs, like corn rows, boxer braids, space buns, various dance styles, and many other things. Although a lot of whites are retarded and ignorant you can still find some good ones now and then. By the way this was written by a white person.
white person: i just got some corn rolls ain't they cute. Can i touch your hair ? Why do blacks always eat chicken? my daddy don't let me date black boy's!
People of color: I hate white people
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by pandagirl20 January 25, 2017
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A group of people which have a light skin complexion, this term is commonly used for people of European descent.
The most common racial in Europe are white people.
by non-biased-handler August 29, 2016
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We are actually the Minority in the world, yet we own 90% of it. WTF?
Breakdown of Races
Mongoloid-Anyone from Asia or of Asian Descent-60% of the worlds population
Negroid-Anyone from Africa or of African Descent-25% of the worlds population
Caucasian-Anyone from Europe or of European Descent-15% of the worlds population.

"I see White People"
by T.S.2 November 17, 2009
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