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People who want to destroy, kill, and be extremely inappropriate. No offence but not very smart and think they're the best.
I regret being a White Person.
by u like this? February 15, 2015
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A white person. Caucasian.

The "Building block" race. I'm no racial elitist, but look at it:
Each race has it's own natural talents, lets look at it in stat bonuses...

Black: +STR +CON

Far-East Asian: +DEX +INT

West Indian: +STR +DEX

East Indian: +WIS +INT

Mexican: +DEX +LUK

White: Nothing.

White people have no strong points, therefore mould themselves after other races in order to get those strengths. However, it is not perfect, say by default other races start with +2, when a White person emulates that, they get a +1 instead, being less effective then a true native.

This explains the "Wigger effect" also known as the "Weeaboo effect" as wigger or weeaboo being the two most popular paths chosen by the "Cracker".

Often, because of this natural disposition to emulate something else, the "Honky" will end up taunted by it's peers.

There is a safe way to be free of this effect, but it requires severe indifference, or a strong sense of self, commonly lacked, most likely because of today's culture.

Also, be aware that only caucasians can call each other "Honky" or "Cracker" and it is offensive for another race to say it. Please, refrain from doing so, we are a skill depraived race as is.
The common Cracker, or white person, is similar to the Human class in the D&D Role Playing game.
by Sumi66 April 17, 2010
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A person whose skin possesses small amounts of melanin, which makes for a pale complexion.
When is this going to stop being an issue, anyway?
by Charon May 21, 2003
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Figment of imagination. Never met one. Look at 'white' people and you will see they are not white, they come in all different shades of pink through brown. Give it up, morons.
Al: "Look at whitey, he can't play"
Kev: "Which one"
Al: "That one!"
Kev: "He's darker than me!"
Al: "OK, look at brownie, he can't play"
by Dick Splash September 20, 2003
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A human being whose dermis relatively lacks eumelanin and is relatively abundant in pheomelanin. With respect to much ambiguity between ideal and unreal ethnic polarities, such as the more olive skin of Mediterannean and Middle-Eastern in comparison to Norweigians and Irish, or the ambiguity in mixed ethnicities such as the Portuguese-African genetic descendents of Cape Verde or Spanish-English Welsh of southern England, the criterion for a person being considered white may be best considered as simply the ratio of light-coloured pheomelanin to dark-coloured eumelanin.
It's REAL cold in New Brunswick, kid, so you best not be pheomelanin-recessive, my white person, or bring yo Vitamin D supplements, cuz. This tundra ish ain't Zanzibar.
by PredatorEditor October 26, 2009
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Highly delusional they live in a world with high expectation. Takes credit off others for empowerment, believes they created this system of things, think they started technology when it's nationalities on a whole scale that brang the Necessities and convenience of science and technology. They want to be related to Hitler and put his cock in their mouth they love being apart of a delusional illogical minority group to feel special and empowered. Lover of pornography the perverted white man and his associates invented the pornography industry. Their women love nothing more than a BBC in her mouth; they're so greedy for money and easy that they love getting gang banged by up to 10 different cocks whether it's in her arse, her dripping wet pink shaved cunt, or fucked by two cocks fair up her shit hole, the white women hoe is the ideal leg spreader she will get her cunt banged so hard for a few thousand dollars. Delusional thoughts of class act from the Queen of England to the Hill-Billy of the white trash family fucking trailer park. Arse kisser to people of power and money they want to be in the now and the who of society. They are the world's biggest criminals eg. Murderer's, fraudulent activities, rapist, paedophiles, drug makers, drug dealers, child pornography, serial killers, child killers, bank robbers, thief's, manipulaters, narcissist. They think the world owes them something, they think killing off genocides is "pretty cool" . They are a blinded bunch
White person
by Pink piggy February 06, 2018
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