When a male ejacualtes into his hand then puts some on his finger and whipes the ejacualate onto the other persons teeth like toothpaste.
"I gave my girlfriend white teeth last night."

" I jerked off in my hand last night then tryed to give my brother white teeth."
by rob kevin ryan August 03, 2008
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The absolute brightest white known to man.
Person 1: "Wow! The new tile floor sure is white and shiny!"

Person 2: "Yes. It's Negro Teeth White."
by paulstar May 19, 2006
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The desire to give someone a blow job.
I'd let him paint my teeth white.
by specialsoccer March 15, 2011
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men uses their own semen to whiten their teeth , must been done 2 times a week.
hey ur teeth are cum white teeth
by el darnel September 07, 2020
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