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1. Quite the obvious; white to differentiate it from previously common to nonwhite, and the slavery referring to being at least in a state of perennial indentured servanthood. It is currently used to refer to sexual slavery; or better stated yet, enforced caucasian prostitution.

2. The state of being addicted to cocaine.

3. The paranoia derived from the moral hypocrisy of the masses in relation to lolitas.

4. The dehumanizing overbearing burden known as work carried out by the majority of society's simpleminded white folks for the sole benefit of the freeloading parasitic scum known as the privileged ruling elite, jews and niggas.
I got to lure and kidnap me some underage dumb white trash girl to blackmail her parents, sold overseas, or at least just keep locked up as a sex toy. Perhaps if I doze her off with some coke... ZOMG! That's what white slavery is all about.
by manigordo April 15, 2008
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