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A stupid term middle schoolers or unintellctual hip hop fans use when they hear rock or pop music. In their perspective, if the lyrics are eloquent, and not hip hop, it's considered "white people music"
"Yo whatchu listenin' to" ?
"Currently listening to My Chemical Romance"
"Man, stop dat white people music, listen to Young Thug"
by AlternativeNerdTeen July 12, 2017
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Music for white people, by white people. Generally two categories, heavy metal scremo (popular in Nordic countries and among white angsty males, usually drug users) and folk. "Folk" or indie fold is the quintessential white people music with mass appeal across the white populations. Generally Mumford and sons is the popular folk band. Key being all the songs sound the same. Red hot chili peppers share the same lack of creativity.

Some white people, namely hipsters and yuppies like to fancy themselves as individuals and unique, for these naive few underground bands such as fleet foxes and califone are the choice. Also any shitty obscure bands are game. Bands such as califone are very pretentious, yours consisting of only house concerts-at which all attendees are aging hipsters, driveways filled with prius', the house loaded with Chardonnay and cats-these guys are so pretentious.
Tyrone: aww nig! Turn the white people music shit off.

Dillon: no Tyrone, josh groban has the voice of an angel.

D-quan: white people music finna burnin ma ears off.

James: hey Dillon! Turn on some At the drive in

Tooweloo: Awww nig!
by Nignag22 January 06, 2014
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