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A group of the most hardcore, badass, and savage men ever. They killed every other gang in a 10 mile radius. The crips and bloods have nightmares about them. One does not need to be white to be a White Savage, but they must be ruthless, strong as hell, and ready to kill. Being a White Savage means you are stronger, faster,and better than every one else. Also your dick is super big, like 18 inches, MINIMUM. The gang sign is made by crossing your hands together forming a W. Upon seeing this sign most people piss their pants and cry themselves to sleep knowing they will never be as good as White Savage.
Room full of black people in the ghettoest part of Chicago.

White Savage walks in with a bucket of fried chicken, grape soda, and watermelon.


White Savage flashes gang sign.

Hospital is full of injuries. ALL BLACK GHETTO POEPLE.

White Savages > Savages
by Jekilo Lee September 07, 2011
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