Having sex in the missionary position while wearing a condom and white sport socks for five minutes with your heterosexual spouse while your newborn child sleeps in the next room. Neither partner looks each other in the eye or makes a sound before the male partner orgasms.

White Picket Fencing is practiced most commonly in suburban neighbourhoods or at kink parties, where it is considered a fetish.
"Mary and John engaged in White Picket Fencing once monthly."

"While at the underground kink party, Peggy and Brian performed White Picket Fencing for the crowd."
by Ann Bland June 14, 2013
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n., v., to have a relationship that is considered standard, old fashion and/or idealic.
n., Juan and Yanette have been together since high school; they were born to have a white picket fence.

v., Juan: I love you. Let's white picket fence together.
Yanette: Yes, I do.
by Kristina June 18, 2006
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a state of mind where a person blindly holds on to the idea of their perfect lifestyle, regardless of the inevitable life factors that make it impossible for it to be true.

For example if your mom keeps acting as if your family is that all American "white picket fence" family from the 50s, when no one acts or thinks that way (Extreme example:your parents expecte everyone to come home and talk about their day but your brother is hooked on meth and never comes home while your sister is at her boyfriends house pretending she doesn't have a family).
by Esgaroth January 08, 2010
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mental state in which a change becomes a fixation; a need to better one's lifestyle; similar to a dream-like state; everything becomes "clear" to the patient.
She has the worst case of White-Picket-Fence-Syndrome I've ever seen!
by Meghan April 06, 2004
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