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White Person Lottery (WPL) is a term used to describe the immense luck a (white) person has when they obtain a large amount of money or property that they never could have earned on their own. In most cases this is through inheritance, but it can also occur through marriage. The term has a very natural sound to it and is used regularly on reddit and other popular internet blogs to describe generally very ungrateful people who are depressed for no obvious reason despite being incredibly lucky to be where they are in life. The natural offshoots of this term are MPL (Mexican Person Lottery), APL (Asian Person Lottery) and BPL (Black Person Lottery).
Guy 1: Why do you think she behaves like that all the time?
Guy 2: Classic example of a White Person Lottery winner. People who have won it have a hard time imagining that others have not won it too.

Guy 1: I feel so lucky to be an American!
Guy 2: You would feel even luckier being a White Person Lottery winner from Iceland with free university and a warm, million dollar house to relax in.
by Eric Kazinsky February 02, 2015
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