Caucasian people with light skin... I have no idea why all these fucking people are bashing all white people, cause they are white, it's bullshit and racist. Not all white people get away with shit, sometimes white people are oppressed too! I got called a snow monkey, and almost got punched cause I was white, thankfully I beat his ass. Well I brought you the real definition... thank me later
Racist Black Guy: Man fuck white people they think they got more shit than us? Hell no!
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by Astro Monkey June 08, 2017
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People who like to think that they are superior to everyone else to compensate their shortcomings.
White people: We are the master race.

Black people: Yea, but your dick is small though.

White people: MASTER.... RACE....

Asian people: Yea but we're smarter than you.

White people: MASTER RACE T_T

Hispanic people: Just shut up

White people: T_T
by Hanbin1100 December 30, 2018
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White People are a non melanin, pale skin Race of people whom have Neanderthal DNA! White people Originate from caves.

White people are cursed with leprosy . A race of people whom are prone to violence and murderous activity just because they are 'bored'. A race of people whom have committed the most mass genocides upon several different races of people of color because they wanted their land/resources and labor. An ugly people, physically and spiritually. White people have no lips, their hair is thin, they burn in the sun without sun screen, they smell like dogs when wet. White preteens and teenagers shoot up schools because they are mad.
White people obsess over black people and are culture vultures whom love to attempt to imitate black people's taste in music, vernacular, and fashion. White people come from the Devil.
The white man is the devil the bible speaks of.
If it comes out of a white person's mouth, it is a lie.
White people come from the line of Esau
The white race come from Edomites
by GetOut747 February 24, 2018
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Wow, Shaquina. You've got a huge ass. But I be white so I gotta stiff flat ass I don't cause I'm White People
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by XBooty.Candy.ShaquinaX November 15, 2018
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One of the more common races in the world, especially in Europe and North America. White people are often the center of jokes, just as all races are, but more commonly they are thought of as rapists, pillagers, and the creators of stereotypes. This simply isn't true. All races fall under this "definition." In fact, the thought that whites think of everyone else inferior is a stereotype in and of itself.

All races pillage. All races rape. All races make fun of other races. Just look at the other definitions for White Person on this site. Little to none are good, and the majority tell of a devilish race that take advantage and destroy other races, when this is something that all races and ethnicities do. The fact that the whites are being solely blamed for it is stupid. It's a group effort.

And besides, it isn't even the races themselves, it's the people. Humanity is making the decisions. You are making the decisions. If one white person kills one black person, does that mean that all white people are black-killers. Same for Hispanic and Asian. Etc, etc. It isn't white people, it's all people.
Person 1: Hey look over there! That person is white. Stay away.
Person 2: He's just a white man. White people are one of the most common races in Europe and North America. He won't do anything bad just because he is white.
by Cornelius Brothworth July 12, 2017
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We are not all bad people. As a white person I am completely against ALL types of discrimination, whether it be based on ethnicity, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. I was not responsible for african american slavery due to the fact that at the time my ancestors were in Italy and Ireland, and even if I was, I would be ashamed of my ancestors and it wouldn't be my fault. That's like blaming the Holocaust on Germans who weren't even alive during that time period. (which i'm sure happens but is completely wrong) People need to realize that by calling us discriminatory assholes, that they are guilty of stereotyping as much as some white people. We are ALL people. Something that we were randomly given, such as skin color, does not define our character. Only our hearts can.
White Person: Hi
Person of different ethnicity that believes all white people are bad: STUPID BIGOTED DISCRIMINATORY ASSHOLLE!!!
Person of any ethnicity who doesn't believe stereotypes: Give her a break. All she said was hi. Don't you realize by calling her a bigot solely on the fact that she's white is what you were upset about?
by Iloveallpeople April 23, 2013
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