A group of people which have a light skin complexion, this term is commonly used for people of European descent.
The most common racial in Europe are white people.
by non-biased-handler August 29, 2016
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The people who clap when the movie ends in the theater.
"Wow, why are all these white people clapping?"
by JD M. September 25, 2019
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White people are the only ethnicity it is okay to criticize in today's world. It seems that everyday, white people are being blamed for the shortcomings of all other races. Everywhere you look, whether it's Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, or even The Urban Dictionary, you'll notice an implicit bias against white people. It has become "morally acceptable" to blame the ills of Western culture (or any culture for that matter) solely on those with white skin. How this is not considered racist is completely mind-boggling. White people are never given credit for their contributions to mankind in any way, shape, or form. In today's world, it is completely acceptable to call a white person racist for not buying into the concept of "white guilt." In fact, it is now completely normal for white people to be called racist simply for being white.
"White people are worthless Nazis and all they want to do is ruin the lives of other races."
by PFWicket February 08, 2017
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The only race that changes colors.
PersonA: You look a little red there child.
PersonB: Damn white people always changing colors when they're sick or hot.
by Rofl Copter February 20, 2007
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The only race to claim superiority over all other races, however actively owns the world record for shit stains on their underwear
White People: We are better than you
Everyone Else: If that’s the case, why all the shit streaks in your undies?

White People: Never said we washed our asses properly but we’re still better than you.
by BVLS May 04, 2020
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