an annoying, slightly slutty middle school girl who uses emojis, memes from 2013, and wears uggs and messy buns
White Girl: *dabs* just gotta go fix my lit messy bun, it got messed up while I gave that jock a blowjob *dabs*
by Ihatemyselfie March 03, 2017
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and i oop- white girls are basic. they love starbucks pink drinks and trips to seaside florida. their also tik tok addicted.
That girl is such a white girl, she’s wearing a seaside shirt!
by don’t bother me August 10, 2019
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Sometimes the term for a Caucasian female that attends starbucks regularly, wears uggs, sometimes hipster clothing, is a slut, talks very sluggishly, owns a selfie stick, always around other girls, most occasions White girls can also be lightskin and even black.
Have you seen Laurine recently? Shes such a typical white girl.
by Aggin and Aggin June 20, 2015
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really fucking annoying girl that wears way to much makeup, juul's because she wants to be popular, has airpods to flex, and wants a boyfriends but all the boys think she is annoying. She also cant dance
Boy 1: Emily asked me out
Boy 2: please tell me you said no to the annoying white girl
Boy 1:of course ewww
by avacadobich June 15, 2019
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defined as a slang word for the drug called cocaine.
"You seen that white girl today?"
by ashcakes January 04, 2008
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