defined as a slang word for the drug called cocaine.
"You seen that white girl today?"
by ashcakes January 04, 2008
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2019 White girls:
- Vsco
- Billy Eilish
- Crocs
- Shell Chokers
- Adidas
- Basketball or Volleyball or Softball
- Tik Tok
- Obsession with Tik Tok boys

- Instagram Memes
- Starbucks
- Over 200 followers on Instagram
- LuLu Lemons: shorts, leggings
- Hollister, Urban Outfitters
- Thrifting
- Beauty Gurus
- Hydroflasks
- Redbubble Stickers
- Greys Anatomy , PLL, Friends, The Office
- Snapscore over 40,000
- Private Stories
- E-Girls
Feel free to add
God that white girl over there won’t stop obsessing over Billy Eilish I’m going to kashoot myself
by dumbthot July 02, 2019
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Usually named ANYTHING ending in an -ara, such as sara, lara,mara,kara,nara, and whose last name usually ends with a -stein, -sky, -berg

A creature that is super rich and does not know her luxuries. absolutely CAN NOT live without her starbucks, urth cafe, lululemon leggings, brandy melville, white iphone of the latest model, canon camera, pressed juicery, and instagram. You will ALWAYS see a white girl on third street promenade inside Starbucks or pressed juicery using their professional canon camera taking a picture of their drink, wearing a brandy melville crop top with lululemon leggings , in her white converses with red lines, or ugg boots. these creatures WILL wear ugg boots in August. Their Instagram will always have Polaroids, brandy hauls, millions of pictures of Starbucks and pressed juicery. all of the pictures are taken with a professional camera because iphone cameras suck and will be too blurry.
white girl on instagram: Pressed Juicery today with these gurls @mara_rehorvsky @laraanne

typical white girl on Facebook : Starbucks!! <3 :))))

white girl on snapchat: Starbucks today!

white girl on twitter: I got my gold card in a week!
by pllchic May 27, 2014
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really fucking annoying girl that wears way to much makeup, juul's because she wants to be popular, has airpods to flex, and wants a boyfriends but all the boys think she is annoying. She also cant dance
Boy 1: Emily asked me out
Boy 2: please tell me you said no to the annoying white girl
Boy 1:of course ewww
via giphy
by avacadobich June 15, 2019
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A girl who wears leggings and uggs and has and iPhone. Also they have to take picture before every Starbucks.
"Your such a white girl!"
"You rocking the whit girl look."
by Brisimonetti November 11, 2014
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