Sometimes the term for a Caucasian female that attends starbucks regularly, wears uggs, sometimes hipster clothing, is a slut, talks very sluggishly, owns a selfie stick, always around other girls, most occasions White girls can also be lightskin and even black.
Have you seen Laurine recently? Shes such a typical white girl.
by Aggin and Aggin June 20, 2015
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A Female of light complexity, usually found at Starbucks sipping on her PSL (pumpkin spice latte), taking way to many selfies, browsing her social media or at home watching a new series on Netflix while enjoying Nutella. Favorite wardrobe include uggs, leggings and a infinity scarf. Uses phrases including; "Oh my gosh", "literally dying" and "I can't even"
Person 1: Your a total white girl!
White girl: Oh my gosh, how dare you accuse me of that
Person 1: EVERYBODYS seen you at Starbucks taking selfies with your PSL
White girl: I can't even
by Fifty4 February 07, 2015
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an annoying, slightly slutty middle school girl who uses emojis, memes from 2013, and wears uggs and messy buns
White Girl: *dabs* just gotta go fix my lit messy bun, it got messed up while I gave that jock a blowjob *dabs*
by Ihatemyselfie March 03, 2017
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term used for cocaine in an attempt to fool police
I got some kickass whitegirl lastnight.
by kiwiherman November 13, 2008
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WhiteGirl)A term Used 4 Crack Cocaine!!!!! term used in Baltimore and high drug areas.
yea yo niggas got dat whitegirl holler back at me.

i got it 4 cheap.

das dat shit dat had tony montana slippin.

by Brazy April 16, 2006
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Often refers to a Caucasian female who lives at Starbucks, orders soy free, extra vegan cappuccinos, watches Gossip Girl from 1pm to 1am eating pizza, ice cream and browsing Instagram looking at all the women who are prettier then her, and finally complaining about how un-pretty she is when she really is pretty while yelling "Harry Styles be my boyfriend"
Girl: Oh he's cute, go talk to him!
White girl: I don't need a relationship, because pizza is my boyfriend
by Youngslaytheballboy July 12, 2017
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