A Female of light complexity, usually found at Starbucks sipping on her PSL (pumpkin spice latte), taking way to many selfies, browsing her social media or at home watching a new series on Netflix while enjoying Nutella. Favorite wardrobe include uggs, leggings and a infinity scarf. Uses phrases including; "Oh my gosh", "literally dying" and "I can't even"
Person 1: Your a total white girl!
White girl: Oh my gosh, how dare you accuse me of that
Person 1: EVERYBODYS seen you at Starbucks taking selfies with your PSL
White girl: I can't even
by Fifty4 February 07, 2015
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A creature who....

Wears yoga pants
Wears flip flops all the time and Nike
Shops at Victoria secret all the time
Buys Starbucks twice a day at least
Goes to chipotle and Panera consistently
Usually has blonde hair
Does gymnastics
Is obsessed with the color pink
Loves sparkles and puts them on everythjng
Has an iPhone (newest release)
Corrects your grammar
A great leader
Very clumsy
Very dumb (dumb blonde)
Has multiple ear piercings
Surfs a lot
Goes to beach like every day
Wears hair up or in a bun every day
Is very outgoing and doesn't care what others think
Acrylic nails
Waxes her eyebrows
Involved with everything
Is super dramatic and all of her friends
Goes to sketchy places at night
Loves photography
Is very messy and unorganized
Apple Watch
Spends paycheck in one day
Speaks Spanglish
Doesn't care about anyone but herself
Listens to both Christian music and rap music
Very hands on
In n out
4 am convos
Doesn't sleep
Snapchat's everyone and has so many streaks
Is very open
Doesn't speak English well 😂
"Did you see Sara's Snapchat story? She posted a picture at the beach with Starbucks again"

"Yeah, she's such a white girl"

by adventure-girl March 24, 2017
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A basic girl who thinks they're the shit. Often owns some checkered vans, listens to probably the most popular singer/rapper/songwritter, has over 100 followers on Tik Tok, simply thinks they're "not like other girls", most likely has a thing with seniors.
"Oh my gawd, like BECKY. Did you see the new Starbucks drink? We should totally go to Starbucks after school! We are definitely not like other white girls."
by mel that big boy June 03, 2019
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Somebody who uses "like in every sentence and "totally" Usually chews gum obnoxiously and are very dumb. Looses there virginity in 1st grade to there grandma
White Girl: Oh? Your hot, like wanna like totally fucc
Guy sure
by Trashy~Chann March 04, 2019
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A person who has a love for starbucks, Ugg boots, and instagram
*sees girl who is wearing Ugg boots and drinking starbucks* man, she really is a white girl
by 2Cool4You June 26, 2015
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A Young Female Human who spends their time posting pictures of food(mostly Starbucks coffee) on dumbass social media like Instagram, tumblr, and twitter. They also wear uggs, yoga pants, and are complete selfie whores that brag about how many followers they have on instagram.
White girl: omg just got Starbucks with my mommy<3 #starbucks.
Normal guy12:who the fuck cares
White girl: shut up I have more followers on Instagram than you and I have more common sense.
Normal guy12:stfu you 13 year old white girl.
by Undignified kid101 February 13, 2016
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Any Alicia’s, Victoria’s , Veronica’s, Tessa’s and some Olivia’s. These people have a big attitude and want the world to revolve around them, they want attention to themselves and takes it when they can. They like to get what they want when they want it.
by Picky Picker April 16, 2018
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