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White Girl Crazy is the very "special" way that white girls get from time to time. There is no specific known cause for this type of action or behaviors, however it is generally linked to male interaction. Any girl can become White Girl Crazy there are no age or race boundaries.
I was out to a nice dinner with my wife when all of a sudden she stood up and started yelling something about me having an affair with the waitress, and then stormed out of the restaurant.

I'd never even seen the gal before that night. It was in that moment I knew for sure my wife had gone white girl crazy.
by just plain had enough March 05, 2010
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Something so Intense and crazy that it surpasses the craziness of a kooky white girl
Erica:Damn my son,Your life is pretty gucci.But mine is white girl crazy

Me:Oh wow,Flocka's life isn't even white girl crazy
by Ledson May 07, 2012
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