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An adult film studio best known for being number one in niche hardcore porn, including M.I.L.F., squirting, hairy, fat, gang bang, cream pie, grandma, old man, midget, lesbian, interracial, P.O.V. (point of view), Indian, transsexual, she male, strap-on, cuckhold .. just to name a few.
That chick's hot ... AND she's got a dick! You must be watchin' some White Ghetto shit!
by WG Justin March 15, 2010
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a primarily white rough or proverty stricken city or town. the people there that some would consider "wiggers" are not wiggers at all. you are a product of your enviroment. they jus' as thug as any other thug.
Afroman "get my ass kicked in the White Ghetto!"
by Daniel Forshire May 23, 2006
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An apartment complex where the white residents occupying the units do not consider it a ghetto, but in fact their perceptions are grossly wrong. Specific details include: light beige wall to wall carpeting, cottage cheese on the ceiling, drywall, and lightweight doors. Real Estate Developers usually rent these dwellings to persons who never suspect it to be the shiney, sparkling, new sterile slums that they truly are.
They thought they were living in high end housing, but it was really just the White Ghetto.
by Lucius Kreagleman October 13, 2009
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