What are the most stereotypical definitions of a racist by so called “anti-racists”?

“A person who hates someone based on their race or culture”

“A person who takes advantage of someone based on their race or culture.

(They say this can only happen in a privileged “structure of power”. When it’s white people’s own fucking country. All people are privileged and hold power in their own race’s countries)”
A person who discriminates against other people of other races.

Now let’s see how most non-whites act in white countries who are so called “oppressed” and victims of “systemic racism”.
Most of them hate white folks based on their race and culture.

Most of them take advantage of white nations by leeching off welfare, using their technology, living in and taking over their neighbourhoods, lobbying in their government and using their systemic power against whites, joining political movements (mostly funded by whites) who hate and are against “whiteness”, rioting and looting businesses whenever a “protest” happens, going to free collages and other resources only for non-whites, and much much more in “systematically racist white countries”.

Most of them discriminate against whites by killing them in their non-white neighbourhoods (without getting media/political coverage for their racist murders), by not giving jobs to whites and only to their own non-white races, by not allowing them anywhere that they hold power such as schools/groups/government positions/businesses, and that’s legitimately the same accusation of systemic racism against whites when in reality non-whites do the actual and most racist version of it, but somehow it’s okay when they are systemically racist against whites for “anti-racists” and leftists, with no logic for the double-standard scam available.
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Individuals of Caucasian heritage who are uneducated or otherwise ignorant to obvious characteristics of other ethnicities and races.
Should spoken with slow-claps, shaking head, or face palm in response to a stupid remark in order to maximize sarcastic affect.
Stevey: "How did Japan not take over China in WWII, Japan's like twice as big as China."

Timmy: "... White Folk"


Stevey: "What part of Africa did Rap music come from?"

Timmy: "... White Folk"
by HotSauceSteve December 17, 2011
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the type of folk, also known as the plural of cracker, whom colored people are not fond of.
I hate white folk.
by Jesse Berman January 29, 2004
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a white folk is a stupid person stuff white folk do consist of ; milk first and more

white folk names boy ; Phill Bob Bill Joe Jake Connor Tanner Wyatt Cody Dustin Luke Jack Scott Logan Cole Lucas Bradley Jacob Garrett Dylan Maxwell Hunter Brett Colin George

white folk names girl ; Hannah Bella Molly Amy Claire Emily Katie Madeline Katelyn Emma Abigail Carly Jenna Heather Katherine Caitlin Kaitlin Holly Allison Kaitlyn Kathryn Lori
person one: oh hey, whats your name?
person two: Phill
person one: so your white folk

person two; yes indeedly doodly
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White folks who blame everything on "the poor", "the illegals", "the Blacks", "the Jews", "the terrorists", "the Muslims", "the gays", etc. Nothing is ever THEIR fault and you'd better get out of THEIR country or you'll be sorry.
Infamous whiny White folks: Mel Gibson, Rush Limbaugh, Wally George, Ann Coulter, the Klan, the idiots at Fox News and the most notorious whiny White person of all time: Adolf Hitler.
by poppysister September 27, 2006
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the most uncoolest mammal on planet earth. he cannot jump and he sits around drinking bud light and eating hamburger flavored doritos. balls.
dem white folk caused all the worlds major wars.
by dslayandkfed December 2, 2010
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