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Individuals of Caucasian heritage who are uneducated or otherwise ignorant to obvious characteristics of other ethnicities and races.
Should spoken with slow-claps, shaking head, or face palm in response to a stupid remark in order to maximize sarcastic affect.
Stevey: "How did Japan not take over China in WWII, Japan's like twice as big as China."

Timmy: "... White Folk"


Stevey: "What part of Africa did Rap music come from?"

Timmy: "... White Folk"
by HotSauceSteve December 17, 2011
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the type of folk, also known as the plural of cracker, whom colored people are not fond of.
I hate white folk.
by Jesse Berman January 28, 2004
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a term IGNORANT NIGGERS call white people because they "wuz tookin out the jungle and put in the south of USA"
That white folk use to whip me.

Mark Merlo
by Mr. Dalsasso October 27, 2008
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