The concept of white people attending church service sounds exactly as you would except. Various activities include listening to gospel music on the old radio, bible study, and the youth minister trying to seduce the children. You will only find 5% of actual Jesus the other 95% include showing mad skills of singing and dancing to Christian rap.
"Gosh golly, reveran Paul busted some sick moves in white church today". "Gee, Westly sure had to good time getting molested by the youth minister today".
by olddyfart69 October 25, 2020
a group of teenagers that only care about trucks,boges,quads and country music. You will find most of them at ur local park exchanging dime bags of weed and drugs to each other. They often travel in large groups to seem tough. If u say something slightly negitive about there familys or them they will want to fight u because of it. and because of the first fight more scoob fights will soon follow just so they can get attention. they are deathly afraid of the cops because most of them already have criminal charges for senseless crimes. they treat there home state of urban NJ like its the louisiana byou. they think its cool to dress in hunting camo talk about muddin, fishing and the constant battle between ford and chevy
by anon EHS kid February 19, 2014