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1. Where a guy takes a girls virginity and orgasms inside her with out a condom.
Guy 1. Dude, I got me a white chocolate covered cherry last night. It was awesome. Best sex ever!

Guy 2. That's awesome bro!
by greenbyrd03 February 21, 2014
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This is a sexual act whereby a male ejaculates into the anus of another person. The person with sperm in their anus then proceeds to raise their buttocks in the air and fart, creating a white chocolate fountain.
"Dude, did you know when Elton John farts it Creates a White Chocolate Fountain"
by DaveTheKittyCat April 4, 2021
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That one white person in the “black” friend group. The one white person in the black people friend group that is not only considered a “homie” but also has the “N-Word Pass
Dave is such a White Chocolate Nigga
by Christendo January 27, 2022
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Too many layers to go through...dark, light, dark and then light again...but he’s just light-skinned, and I love him for it.
Remember when we were in Paris? That white chocolate Oreo approached us and you made it with him on the Seine, and now you’re pregnant. Crazy night, huh? Those white chocolate Oreos will do that to you every time.
by Staziism May 1, 2018
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Having a white person stick their dick so deep in you that the cum heats up and turns into white chocalate
Ariana: I got some white chocolate stalion from last night want to try some
Diana: damn you got that good d
by Speedy Freedy Dequaveon August 20, 2020
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