Many people think a white bandana is gang related but it actually means unity. It makes different groups of people coming together, but for a positive cause.
"you gunna get shot out here reppin a color; throw on this white bandana and we can all bang together."
by Trouser_Taco69 March 4, 2017
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Wearing a white bandana in any configuration denotes coming from a valley area.
There is no one group or stereotype associated with the bandana.
The movement began in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska in 2002 and has a strong following.
People from a valley are generally more relaxed, but typically more aggressive when it comes to defending themselves and others.
People wearing this sign are commonly referred to as simply "Bandanas"
"Holy shit, here comes a Bandana, move."

"That dude just beat up four motherfuckers at once. He must have a White Bandana somewhere."
by Bandanaman July 23, 2007
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if you wear a white bandana that means youre aubris boyfriend
“im wearing a white bandana today” oh youre aubris boyfriend?
by aubrijule November 17, 2021
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