When you wake up from an extreme night of drinking with an incredible erection. The muscles in your penis contract so that you don't pee on yourself in your sleep.

Usually beneficial if you have a female with you the next morning, as you can go for a long time since your penis is trying to not let anything release.

Usually only relieved by urinating (which is hard to do in that condition)
Man...I woke up this morning with Whiskey Dick after all that beer last night...I could have used it to go out and drive nails into the sidewalk!
by Disco Godfather July 30, 2008
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when u get fucked up at a party then go to fuck ya girl, you can supposovly fuck the shit out of her in your eyes, but in reality or the girls eyes its the shittiest fuck immagionable.
last night i gave her long and hard and shitty drunk whiskey dick.
by Kasper December 01, 2004
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When you've had too much to drink and can't get it up to do the dirty deed.
Person 1: "So did Krauss finally get some last night?"
Person 2: "Nope. He was so wasted that he got pretty bad whiskey dick and couldn't get it up."
by 5cbystander May 14, 2011
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Two Heavy Metal maniacs with a little country spin from Ft. Worth, Texas who drink more beer & jagermeister than most small countries.
Infamous for songs like Whiskeydick, Wookie Pussy, The 9 inch clitoris, and Blacktooth Grin.
Buddy #1: I feel like getting Drunk, Rowdy and totally jacked up tonight. What should we do?
Buddy #2: Let's go to a Whiskeydick show.

Both: HELL YEAH!!!
by Riffsta February 22, 2007
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An insane corn lobbyist who is twisting the arm of Government to put Ethanol in my Gasoline. Knowing that:
1. Ethanol consumes more energy to produce than it creates when burned. (pumping oil out of the ground, river water or wind through a turbine etc. produce energy - running a moon shine still consumes energy)
2. Reduces gas mileage by 30% when gasoline is polluted with 10% ethanol. Do the math - we are burning more petroleum not less!
3. Raises the cost of food by forcing up the price of corn.
4. Increases government spending. The government provides subsidy for gasoline with ethanol to make the consumer price close to real gasoline. $.51 cents of every gallon of 10% ethanol is coming from you the tax payer.
That whiskey dick is destroying our economy just to sell more corn no matter the consequences.

That whiskey dick should be shot!

I wonder what that whiskey dick's bonus was this year?
by Dave W1 August 09, 2007
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that rare occasion when your Dick gets just as shit faced and violent as you do after drinking wild turkey all night. most usually ends with burning the sheets.
Babe, your going to be walking a little bow legged for a few days. it just so happens I have a case of the Whiskey Dick.
by rrevan November 25, 2011
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1. someone who drinks very heavily

2. a pretty funny name for a friend or boozer
that whiskey dick mike better not come here drunk again or ill kick him right in the fucking twat
by peterbilt379 November 26, 2007
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