Originally this condition was used to describe the extreme shrinkage caused by drinking alcohol, turning even the largest dicks into mere helmets in the bush.

More recent usage of the word has devolved to a more general description of being too drunk to get a hard-on
"I drank a fifth of Jack and had to piss, but it took me 10 minutes just to find my dick so I wouldn't piss on my balls."

"I'm too drunk to fuck."
by Bill Brasky March 02, 2005
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A state of erectile dysfunction (synonymous with Whiskey Clit), which is induced by a mass consumption of alcohol, usually forms of whiskey. It exists in three recognizable states, and can often have other degrees of effect depending on the individual.

Stage 1: Delayed Orgasm(s) (with sex/masturbation lasting hours.)

Stage 2: No Orgasm(s).

Stage 3: Erection Not Possible.
Dennis, suffering from whiskey dick, found it impossible to please Jane for the night.
by Spingo July 17, 2012
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When you come home at 8am from the previous nights' engagement only to find your boyfriend spread eagle with a finished half gallon of whiskey beside him. His flaccid penis, which he is still holding, and hamds both have dried semen on them. To top it all off there is of course a loop of interracial creampie porn on the computer screen.
"You whiskey dick! What if our daughter caught you like this!?" "I guess I am not getting any action before you have to go to work with that broken whiskey dick of yours"
by TheMaskedRevenger June 26, 2013
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When you get so shit faced drunk, you cant get your man meat up to fuck the hoe diddy you brought home from the bar/club/party. So, you grab a foriegn object to to replace your weiner, and hope shes as drunk as you are and doesnt notice.
I was so fucked up last night, I got the whiskey dick, so I grabbed my Mag-Lite. Now she wont stop calling.
by KingJames 23rd January 25, 2010
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when one is to drunk to cum without an exorbitant amount of effort, but, if the guy does not finish, he does not get blue ball.
so jj, did she suck your dick?

jj: yeah, but i didn't finish, i could have i swear but i was to drunk to want to

damn whiskey dick
by Patricksoccerfan May 27, 2008
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When you're so shit faced & can fuck your girls pussy all night long but can't cum
Tom: how was sex with Stephanie?
Harry: fucked that ass for hours but had whiskey dick and couldn't finish
by Fleeeeeleee August 29, 2015
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The mental hard-on one recieves after launching a fully loaded AH-1W super cobra while sending it off with a "Have guns...Will Travel..." Salute.
Marine 1: " Hey Marine, did you see that sweet send off?"

Marine 2:" yeah man, that was motivating.

Marine 1:" I know, I got a case of the Whiskey Dick!
by WarriorLINE167 October 16, 2011
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