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A White-Fake-Jamaican. This particular branch of humanity can be quite annoying. Typical characteristic of the "whi-fake-an" include: Dreadlocks, hypocrisy, high complaint frequency, poverty, annoying, scrounging, bad personal hygiene, a punchable face and skin tone that is pale in colour. All characteristics must be present to qualify for full Whi-fake-an status i.e. a person with soley pale skin tone is white not a Whi-fake-an etc.
an examnple of a whi-fake-an is Rory. an annoying whi-fake-an that is yet to notice his low ranking social status of "whi-fake-an"
by Gabriel Idowu September 29, 2006
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a whi-sexual is someone who you would call "gay". However, 95% of the time they are actually whi-sexual, which is pretty much like being a whi-holic.
John is such a whi-sexual, he should smoke some weed and ditch more often.
by masha rulez March 22, 2008
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pronounced wee-hee
this means a trailor trash hoe, white trash, or just a skanky bitch! ya lol
omg did u see that whi-hi at the party? she was so ugly
by Whi-hi luver September 21, 2007
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(noun)What Whitey gets when he sees a beb or is called a beb.(Verb) The act of ejaculating seamen.
"Hey Beb" *bong* or "Ahhh, that's cute. Whitey just whis erectioned all over his face.”
by Superflylemonaid February 23, 2005
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n. (w-eye) - An interrogative, akin to "Why?", but asked of individuals with a history of supplying answers without evidence.
You: "There's supposedly evidence that President Biden accepted money under the table from the CCP, but after three months we've not been also to see it. Whi?"

Uncle Herb at Thanksgiving: "I'll send you the video."
by imppress January 4, 2021
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most beautiful girl i have encountered in my life. if you see her, say hi. she will make your day that much better
1. oh that's the girl?

2. yup. that's whi
1. she is amazing
by Otaker November 24, 2021
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Whis don’t miss that’s why he should be everyone’s favorite mutual 🗿
by Gohan>Goku March 12, 2021
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