A term of endearment for an energetic, bouncy person.
A spastic, white dancer.
Also refers to someone that is messy and chaotic, in a cute way.
Sally's excited jumping is adorable, she's such a whirling dervish!

My house was clean before that whirling dervish spent the night!

I'm not surprised Bob's son was diagnosed with ADHD, he always was such a whirling dervish!
by banana republican March 19, 2013
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(n.) A person whose behavior resembles a rapid, spinning object. These actions are often spastic fidgeting and incessant babbling. The actions of the whirling dervish are irritating and annoying, often exhausting other people in the immediate vicinity.

The phrase is derived from these 2 words:


1.) adj. moving or driven rapidly in a rotary or twisting motion.


1.) (n.) a member of an order noted for devotional exercises involving bodily movements.

2.) (n.) a Rocking Demon who eats souls.

1.) that woman must have taken her son's Ritalin. She is behaving like a whirling dervish.

2.) Is she talking to us, to herself or has she just become a whirling dervish?

by Tom Bidel October 10, 2005
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When some of the contents of an over-powerful self-flushing toilet are projected up and onto you while you are still sitting on it.
That was the best dump ever until I leaned forward to pick something up and that damn jet-powered toilet gave me a wicked whirling dervish!
by ppsseeuuddoonnaammee February 16, 2011
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The process by which a man, having stimulated himself to a degree great enough to have obtained a boner, just at the point that his beloved crouches down to suckle upon his manhood, spins around so that his phallous collides verily with her cheek and allows him to fart on her face.
Deidre: What's that black about, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: A Whirling Dervish from Reginald.

Deidre: Oh, Is that why your face smells?

Elizabeth: No.
by 535 February 21, 2011
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The act of cornholing a Muslim (Not required, however) transvestite in the ass missionary style and observing his/her dick moving in a circular motion.
Joe: "Hey dude, I got this hooker last night and 'she' ended up being a 'he'! I ended up giving a whirling dervish!"

Bob: "Dude......"
by The Drizz July 9, 2012
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the process of banging a braod while she is in the upright sitting position while you are lying down on your back and she is whirling in circles like no other and as soon as she gets too dizy to not know where she is you whip it out and go all over her face!!
I gave Eric's mother a Whirling Dervish when she was drunk last week.
by BoGO 69 May 14, 2006
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When one is doing their girl from behind and he sticks a finger in her brown eye, pulls it out and swips his finger across her mouth, between her upper lip and nose. She then spins on him like a tiger with a pine cone stuck in his ass. Thus--a whirling dervish; also known as the dirty sanchez
I tried to hang on but, she turned on me like a whirling dervish.
by Ernest T. Bass February 13, 2013
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