Friend: Hey, did you fix your car?
Me: Yeah, I got my whip, where you wanna meet?
by Lemmcaces November 10, 2013
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A flyizzle carrizzle, likizzle a Mercedizzle-tha-hizzle Benzitoliolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I havizzle a Bizzle Mizzle Wizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Hollllaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!11111
by Snoopi October 16, 2004
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Women who are hot, intelligent and in their prime
by Featheraxe3 September 12, 2017
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A dance that is sooooo utterly cringey that I can't even describe how much of a cringe it is.
Mom: "Let's take a family photo where we all whip!"

Me: *Pulls out the 9mm stashed in my pants, and promptly puts the nozzle into my mouth*
by Shia Lebooof August 01, 2016
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whips; is a tight ride or a phat gat dependin were u live blad
chattin bout whips: an da folks wit da most ice get tha hot ones
by 1 tru JOKA July 15, 2003
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in Ebonic terminology, related to a car or the use thereof.

#1 Whip - an expensive, stylish Car, SUV or Motorcycle

#2 Whip - the act of driving a car in a very quick and haphazard way with sharp trns and high speeds.

#3 Whip - taking a parents car without permission.
Ex1: My Dad let me hold the whip so I can take my girl out tonight.
Ex2: Mom, this minivan isn't an SUV, you can't whip this around as fast!
EX3: You din't ask my permission and since I need that car for work, I can't have you whipping it whenever you feel like it.
by Jonathan Norman April 26, 2004
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