Your maddest ride. In order to call yo car a whip, it's gotta be sitin on at least 20' or yo be wangstah, brotha
by MizJackson April 30, 2003
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any dope ride that you floss. Black Benz 500 on 20 inch chrome rims all black leather interior with like 2 12s or 15s in tha trunk, DVDs in tha head rests of tha seat, flip down LCD screen tinted windows used to floss infront of people to show off social status. Buy it or steal it, eitherway everyone will know you tha shit, stuck up girls see whips as eye candy and will submit them selves to the one flossin' tha whip in they fact they know he has money and knows if she works it right she maybe able to get money out of him, but the player flossin tha whip is too smart for the girl, decieves her into thinking she will get some thing an in the end she is used in a one night stand and the player rolls off in tha whip leaving to girl with nothin but cum, in doing so the player is congradulated by his homies with high fives or props and is said to be tha man. other haters wish they had the whip so they to could be tha man.
i need to cop an ill whip so i too can pull madd hoes
by Ryan Jay August 11, 2004
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A word used to mean car. Made up by rappers because they are too uneducated and lazy to come up with lyric that just rhymes with "car".
"We need a whip"
"No, we need a car, not a whip."
by cerealkiller182 October 31, 2005
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An econobox such as a Peugot 106 or Vauxhall Nova that has a "phat" body kit, "sick" rims that are at least 20's, "tight" spoiler that looks like something Boeing made for the 747, "sweet" gaudy tribal vinyls, "innit" exhaust that is 5 inches in diameter, "performance" hood and roof scoops, and a huge subwoofer in the trunk that plays "PHAT BEATS YO" such as B*Witched and Spice Girls. Avoid these "whips" at any chance you can.
Molly raced Kevin's "whip" and won by 20 minutes because Kevin's engine blew.
by Brits against whips May 01, 2005
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A tangible object with immediate value
Essentially anything a player desires....(see footnote 1.1)
"pass me that whip"
"wheres your whip?"
"shes a tight-whip"
The beauty of this term is it's simplicity accompanied with its unbelievable versatility.

*1.1 This term works strikingly well with your other day to day vocabulary (fuck, shit....kicker...)
by -Swan May 18, 2007
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