Someone who exemplifies rather large amounts of crybaby-bullshit in order to: 1) get sympathy from the people around him/her.
2) make them self feel like less of a dumbass
"somebody shut chris the hell up. no one cares about his wussy knuckle"
by andy November 26, 2003
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A cartoon named Caillou that's about a boy that whines and crys about everything.
Don't let you kid watch Caillou unless you want a whiney bitch
by PenetratorX January 30, 2016
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Sir Bitchy-Bitch Mcgee: The Mayor of Bitchville.
ie: Spencer is such a whiney bitch, he could run for mayor of an imaginary town of bitches I just made up.
by HereLiesDickboy December 28, 2016
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A typical liberal; a person who cries and bitches constantly over stupid things, or when they lose a game or a race. What comes out of their mouths is usually nonsense and bullshit, but not always.
Why do the Kerry-voters always have to be such whiney bitches?
by you don't know me! April 18, 2005
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A girl or guy who bitches a lot or complains about stupid stuff.

These people tend to get jealous very quickly.
Yeah, he got mad at me because I didn't call him last night. He is being a whiney bitch baby.
by Em W May 24, 2011
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WAB ... a narcissistic female or even a male who finds minor situations or activities to whine or complain about to others around them
I don't like this bar because the beer isn't perfectly chilled and I'm bored because I'm a Whiney ass bitch
by elev man December 2, 2013
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