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Whicky Ball is a drinking game played with 2 or more people. The recommended number of players is 5.

The game is played on a Beer Pong Table with ping pong balls and party cups.

Each player takes 4 party cups and writes there name on the bottom of 2 of the cups and along the rim of the other 2. The point is so you would only be able to pick out 2 of your 4 in a group of cups.

Next, you fill your 4 cups with your desired amount of beer. The recommended amount is 1/4 of a beer per cup (more is encouraged).

After all the cups are filled, they are randomly arranged on one end of the table by someone not in the game (this person is nicknamed the chancellor).

The point is to only be able to recognize who half of the cups belong to, the rest are a mystery.
With a water cup at the other end of table, the first player shoots at the cups. If a cup is made you check either the side or the bottom of the cup to see whom it belongs to. If your cup is made it is taken out of the rack and drunken.

The shooter keeps shooting until he/she misses, unless your own cup is made. In that case, you drink your cup and the next player is up.

The easiest way to rotate through players is to circle around the table, making it easier to scope out what cups your aiming for as well as chase down a missed shot.

Once all of your cups are hit, than you are out of the game. The player with the last cup(s) wins the game.

-> re-racks are allowed after a person gets out, as that player is the one who arranges the re-rack to assure no biased arrangement occurs.

You are now ready for Whicky Ball.
by High Life! February 13, 2011
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