It means like "Whats up?", "Whats going on?"

Its commonly used in the LGBT Community
And is commonly used for gossipping
Typical Conversation using "Whats the T?"

Exa 1: Oh hey, girl!
Exa 2: Hey, Boo. Whats the T?
Exa 1: This bitch don' pulled out my weave..
Exa 2: Uh-uh, girl! Thats fucked up!

Shit like that!
by Kyle_Moran June 10, 2011
Abbreviated sentence for "What's the tale?". Another phrase for the common phrase, "What't the deal?" or "What's the story?"
What's the t with Tommy and Brent?
by jupiter6921 January 9, 2010
Short for "what's the time, mister wolf?" Anyone asking this would like to play a quick game of this childhood favourite game.
by CanadianBoson October 28, 2019
It originated from RuPaul's Drag Race but now seems pretty commonplace across California and the US.

It means what's going on? what's up? what's the crack (common in Ireland), what's the script (London), etc.

It more informal in use and used to find out what the gossip is
What's the T(ee)?, girl I heard there was major drama at her bachelorette party last weekend?

I know that you know why they broke up. Now spill the T ?
by Anand Dias July 16, 2020