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When a man walks into a room full of dumb hoes watchin some shitty ass movies like the legend of bagger vance, and suggests that we instead watch Dr. Zhivalgo, Breaks Encounter, and the bridge over river kwai, a lean night. Also used when coming down to make a sandwich and the same dumb hoes are watchin the same shit. Term can only be used by people who like Mayonnaise on their sandwiches (Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). Now tell me something Urban Dictionary, is that unforgivable?
"Whatch ya'll watchin hoes?" "The legend of bagger vance" "TURN THAT SHIT OFF, I BROUGHT A COUPLE OF DVDS..."

"Hey again hoes, whatch ya'll watchin? I'mma just go and make me a sandwich, with MAYONNAISE... RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"
by Jubbl and the Nigz October 27, 2008
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