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(Phr) An exclamation used in replacement for "WTF?" or "What the fuck?"
A generic substitution for a curse word/phrase akin to "shoot", "darn it" or "heck".
Used by the character Galaxor , voiced by actor Rainn Wilson in the 2009 DreamWorks movie Monsters vs Aliens.
From the movie-Galaxor (Rainn Wilson) has imprisoned heroine Ginormica (Reese Witherspoon) in a force field prison cell...

Galaxor: "It's a shame you won't be around to see what the power of Quantonium can do in the tentacles of someone who knows how to use it."

Ginormica: "I know how to use it. Just...ugh"
(punches the force field which shocks her)

Galaxor: "Don't bother that force field is impenatr..."
(Ginormica punches through the force field and grabs his hovercraft from beneath him)

by unskinnybob November 14, 2009
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