A phrase uttered by somebody who has no idea what is happening. Can be used as a funny way of saying wtf.
Originally started in the FantasyBattlefield clan teamspeak.
~FanT members talking over the mic while playing Battlefield 3~

Taj: *raspy voice* Winkly. WINKLY. Get in the car WINKLY

Offal: What is hap?..
by pjano April 9, 2012
Regained popularity thanks to Gary Busey in the movie "Beyond the Ring"
Gary Busey (talking to asian crime king pin) "Yo guy! Whats the haps?"
by Craiglos April 23, 2008
A cool way of saying whats happening or what is going on. Can also be used as a greeting. First used by Sideburns 2003.
Whats the hap? OR Whats the hap man
by Adz October 27, 2004
That point of exasperation where you cannot form normal sentences anymore.
So much has been going on at school lately that all I can say is what the hap is fuckening?!
by crusty meme October 12, 2016
An alteration of the phrase, "what's happening?"

Its earliest usage dates back to 1992 when Ice Cube (best known for his lead acting role in "Are We Done Yet?") inquired eloquently about the occurrence of a game of craps.
Tre: Whats the haps?
IC: I don't know, but today seems kinda odd
Tre: Do please elaborate while I listen to Footsteps In The Dark by The Isley Brothers
by Goodyear Blimp October 7, 2011