A street-slang term which means "what's good?", with a flair of dangerous street life. It is a term used only by the baddest hustlaz, pimpz, and crazy muh'fuckaz out there in the game.
"Yo nigga, what's goy?

Sheeit, not much, just kickin it, shmokin goy n' shit, knowuhmsayin.

Fuhhhh-thaz wus goy homie"
by Tikitikityjar June 2, 2010
Street Slang Meanin' What's Good?, What's Goodie?, What's Up?, Whazz Up?, Whazzup?, Wassup?, Sup?, Sup Witchu?, Sup Witcha?, What's Goin' On?, What's Happenin'?, What's Hanninan?, How Are You Doin'?, How Yew Doin'?, How Are You?, How Yew?, How Are You Feelin'?, How Yew Feelin'?, What's Trendin'?, What's New With You?, What's New With Yew?, What's New Witchu? & What's New Witcha?
"Yo Killa Cam!! What's Goy? Zero. Erstreet At Ever Soo Much At Ever Str8 Thuggin', Ever Str8 Stuntin' & Ever Livin' Life Fully." - Erstreet Harlem aka Harlem, Flea, Kiery Weiry & Freshley.
by Hzr February 24, 2022