A phrase from the Irish word craic meaning with the English/urban equivalent of: what is happening in your life since last we met./give me the 411.

cultural similarities between Celtic communities in the UK has allowed the slang terms to have acceptable usage in all Celtic community dialects.
1:-So what's the craic? doin fine still up north, TB
2:-nowt much, started college this week.
by Urban Dictionary September 9, 2006
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Craic meaning fun in Gaeilge. If someone asks you Whats the Craic this means How are you? Is there anything fun happening? Used as a greeting in Ireland Also used is Whats the story? Meaning Is there any news?
Whats the craic with tomorrow night? This means whats happening tomorrow night.
by Fiona Flood May 2, 2008
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An Irish saying, referring to "what's up?" or "whats going on?"

Correct response, is "The Craic is 90"
What's the Craic?

The craic is 90!
by Coops-ma-goops November 1, 2010
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a saying used by most people in nothern ireland to great some one or find out whats happening
right ls whats the craic
that was mad craic
klass craic lads
by Jonny smyth July 24, 2006
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cilli from derry
(cilli joins the lobby) us yupping it cilli "whats the craic" us not yupping it anymore
by whats the craic August 27, 2020
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