When someone says something completely out of the blue, and it ruins the vibe of the group or groups.
Guy 1: "I'm about to kill my entire family then kill myself."
Guy 2: "This is a What the fuck moment, and a half."
by Goosey122918498 September 6, 2021
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what the imaginitive fuck (wtif) is used when someone post something truly horrific and they need to question why they decided to post it.
Op: * post someone getting raped*
Me: what the imaginitive fuck op.
by A digital mess June 22, 2019
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Similar to what the fuck or what the actual fuck, but when a situation is gay.
Man 1: Dude, did you hear about Bobby and Joe making out last night?
Homophobe: What the queer fuck?
by The Gay Bitch October 18, 2017
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The most incredulous of the wtf's, what the sincere fuck is used asking for clearification of something so fucking terrible it is hard to believe and one using wtsf is often looking to deny its happening or existence in the first place.
Bitch 1: The exam date has been pushed up 'cause of crysler's surgery
Bitch 2: What the sincere fuck??!!!
by Idonfuckwu December 16, 2015
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this nigga hurt. either about to walk away or hurt you severely.
person a: you a lame ass bitch

person b: you know what? fuck you.
by strongest anime fanatic June 28, 2022
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