fruit? no
bread? no
fruit and bread? probably not

is it a conversation?
jim: hi
pat (or bob): hi
J: hi
P(or B): hi
J: do you like mice?
P(or B): no
P(or B): bye

is it a fruitful sales deal?

is it a hearty breakfast?
mmm, my favorite brand.

is it a 4 letter word that you can use in various ways that are mostly positive?
person: what is love?
bill wurtz fans: shows the video
person: suddenly become genius
by tntbrine June 16, 2020
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Love is like a rainbow it's an illusion. It's simply a chemical reaction in your brain that can be controlled and or abused. oxytocin is one of the best feelings in the world and if that's your addiction you can play with your own hart. Men generally only feel the effects of oxytocin when their testosterone drops and that only drops after sex or when they are in a committed relationship. So if you know exactly how loves works it's not real its just a aww feeling when someone is nice to you or when they find you attractive and would like sexual gratification.
What is love ?
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by ,...., ....... November 15, 2019
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