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a creature unlike any other, she was born not of man, but of rancid feces, emerged from her mothers foul anus. never has there ever been, in the history of that which there ever was, a person, by the name of karen, that could be conceived, even in the smallest bit, to be somewhat decent to the senses. Karen, blatantly put, is a dog. her hair is not glossy, her face is not not carved by the hands of angels, but a rather a punching bag of clay. No one, not even the late and great ray charles, would lust after her figure.. her body appears that of a something melting while simultaneously battling itself and losing. Her personality is that of which you would expect of someone named karen.

K-karma for her mother
A-A lifetime of settling
R-rectum of the human race
E-excels at failure
N-never going to find love or a pity fuck
what is a karen?

-Hey is that karen?
-oh you mean that foul smelling, creature with the dingy hair and the muddled face, and the complete lack of any worthwhile characteristics ?
-oh yes, her
-yea thats Karen.

by karensoftheworldipityyou March 30, 2009
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