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1. You're about to die.
2. Your face is very ugly and no one wants to rape you.
3. You're high.
4. You're just stupid.
5. You're just a retard that fuckin has problems.
6. You just sucked a infected dick.
7. You're on your period.
8. You just drank some menstrual juice.
9. You saw a Michael and got high.
10. You just got Harrison'd.
11. Vanessa shoved a dildo up your ass and you enjoyed it like how a bitch enjoys a big fat blowjob.
12. Justin Bieber. 'Nuff said.
13. You read a gay chain letter email and apparently got a seizure.
14. You just saw a hot chick that mind-raped you in the ass.
15. You saw the number 15.
16. Your computer blew up on you and you became so gay that your mom gave you a fingering.

High Guy: Dude, what does it mean when you see flying platypuses?

My ass: A lot of things. Why?

High Guy: Cuz I see flying platypuses.
by Chewbacca the cat May 20, 2011
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