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Rhetorical Question used as an exasperation, emphasising the lack of justifiable reasons for non-participation, e.g. in an activity, but most often in reference to intimate relationships. The phrase is often used to question the motives behind such non-participation, and usually the speaker of the phrase is in disagreement with the recipient. In such cases the speaker is often disputing the rationale behind the receipients actions.

In some small obscure countries, the word "sur" is added onto the end of the phrase. The phrase was first coined around 2009 after a conversation between two gentlemen regarding the sexual attractiveness of a woman. The original phrase, discussing the size of said woman's breasts was "What do you needi know sur?! They're humungous baps sur!". The phrase was captured by another gentlemen, who established the phrase in popular culture.

Many variations of the phrase exist and appropriate answers, for example, have been developed. The rarely used acronym, W-DUNK (pronunced - waa-dunk) became obsolete in late-2009.
(In the original use of the phrase)
Man A: "You would do* her"
Man B: "Nah, shes not that good"
Man A: "What do you needi know?! They're humungous baps sur!"

*referring to sexual intercourse

Person A: "She's so hot"
Person B: "I don't think shes that hot. I wouldn't go out with her"
Person A: "What do you needi know sur?! She's amazing! I would!"

Guy 1: "I hate {Sports Team A}!"
Guy 2: "What do you needi know sur?! They're the best!"
by Mr. Wadonkulous December 04, 2009
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