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A nerdy way of saying "what's up?" Usually only used by nerds with at least some partial social skills. When used by a socially inept nerd, it will generally be spoken to one who wouldn't understand. This is commonly responded to with "The vast expansion of blue, or some sort of solid between it and myself"
Sheldon: "what currently has a positive verticality?"
Penny: huh?
Sheldon: I said, what currently has a positive verticality?. My god woman, can't you hear?
Penny: I meant, what did you mean by that?
Sheldon: well, since a positive value is...
Penny: Can I just say the sky?
:nerds in audience laugh:
Sheldon: Amazing, you were able to pick the right answer, though you forgot to mention the solids between it and us
Penny: Whatever, look, is Leonard home?
by PiFreak October 07, 2009
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