Used when someone does/plans/talks about something a bit crazy. A lengthened version would be "What drug are you taking, to be high enough to do that". "What are you on" is usually followed up with "Do you want a list?" even if that person is not under the influence of drugs. N.B Used in Britain, less in America
Friend 1 : "I'm gonna jump off that cliff"
Friend 2 : "What are you on?"
Friend 1 : "Do you want a list?"
by TheRealPseudonym June 18, 2014
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What are you doing
What are you going to be doing
What are you getting yourself to
What's up? Not much man just hanging out! What about you? What are you on?
by Googleinfo February 23, 2015
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say if your friend is playing to much you say what is you on bro
well that's what I say
by candyonfire April 19, 2016
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used as a comeback when someone talks shit

- made up by Ben
Person 1: You are really stupid
Person 2: What are you?
by bigbenny69 October 8, 2014
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Originated in the ghetto streets of High Wycombe, England. Upon being insulted with the usual derogotory profanities, the person would then reply with this phrase. Making the person whol insulted you, think about what indeed are they. Realising they are nothing, this insult usually wins....
Colin: "you know, you really are a cock!"
Alger: "really?"
Colin: "yeh, and your gay!"
Alger: "really? well tehn what are you?"
by Alger Barington December 31, 2005
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a question white people often ask when they are confused to seem ghetto in order to throw off the topic of conversation.
Person1: have you used that new cool music program?
person2: "what is you be!?"
person1 : what does that mean.
by skimpydime December 16, 2011
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