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A reoccurring saying in the popular video game, Assassins Creed, when your character is doing something "socially unacceptable." It is said by citizens in the game that watch you do these acts. It is said in an middle eastern accent, sounding much like Sayid, from lost.

In conclusion, one is to say this when spotting someone doing something in public, deemed "socially unnaceptaly," such as jumping down stairs, doing somersaults or running through a large crowd tackling citizens.
<<guy runs through large crowd, tackles someone, jumps down some stairs, and then does a somersault>>>

Bystander: What is he doing?
Bystander 2: He's going to hurt himself. And when he does, I'm not going to help him.
by asd;fjkdl;ajfkda;f March 27, 2009
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