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The animated little red creature from the 80's hit TV game show "Press Your Luck" who takes away all the contestants' earned money everytime the contestant stopped at a "Whammy" space on the board.
by The Whammy Fighter March 19, 2004
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Doodle of a penis encountered primarily on construction sites, bathroom stalls, and movie posters in the subway
Somebody drew a big hairy whammy on that Bon jovi poster!
by Archgirl79 May 25, 2012
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WHAMMY, THE: A hex or a curse that is put on someone. Similar to giving someone the evil eye.
I ran over that old gypsy lady's dog and she put the whammy on me!
by EndoCanuck October 08, 2003
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Props to a good comeback or for a very good joke
Austin: "Man, you look like shit today."
Kerry: "Yeah, that's cause I was up all night with your mom."
Austin: "WHAMMY!"
by Sheris October 10, 2007
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