When you and a male friend are banging two chicks in an otherwise quiet house and the only sounds that can be heard are the females moaning back and forth "singing".
Guy 1: Hey man, those girls from last night that were all over us are coming over tonight.

Guy 2: Awesome, they were DTF last night so we'll have them singing whale songs in no time.
by wDawks March 18, 2018
The sound a chubby girl makes when she is being brought to orgasm. It begins as a quite moan that grows until the moment of climax when a deep squeal bursts from inside her.
People studying in the dorm common area heard the beginning moans she the chubby girls cunt was fingered in her room. In a matter of minutes all studying had ceased as everyone sat giggling as the moaning grew louder and deeper. Finally after five minutes there was the familiar deep squeal marking the climax of that nights whale song.
by mck73 February 12, 2014
The screaming noises that a fat mama in the ghetto makes when something bad happens to a member of her family.
Shaniqua's mom was singing the whale song when Tyrone got shot by the cops.
by GhettoGangsta June 13, 2007
The sound you get when you sit down on a toilet and fart...but nothing else comes out. The reverberation is amplified by the conical shape of the toilet.
I thought I was going to drop a major deuce, but instead, I was treated to a concert by the Porcelain Whale Song.