When a guy is too blazed out of his head to utter words so he ignores the fuck out of the guy and says whaaa?
Darrius: 'YO jay pass me the spliff'
Jay: 'Whaaa?'
by MaryJaneLsd420 March 09, 2017
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to question some one in a very shocked tone
Guy 1 - "dude i just screwed that hot chick, oh wait thats your mom"

Guy 2 - "Whaaa??!!??!!"
by JaxXxXx February 26, 2007
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Used after saying something questionably homosexual or perplexing in nature, usually in a loud, startling and/or obnoxious manner.
"I like to have sex with guys...Whaaa?"

"Your little sister is really good at having sex...Whaaa?"
by Crawford. December 31, 2008
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When someone mumbles this term should be used
nigga whaaa?”
by Gayyyy420 January 29, 2020
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